Personal Trainer - Stephanie Oram

Personal Trainer - Stephanie Oram

12 Episodes

Many people desire the results that come with having a personal trainer but lack the resources to afford one. That's why we created Personal Trainer. Now you can get all of the same results but at a fraction of the cost. Let Stephanie Oram be your Personal Trainer for the next 90 days and become a fitter, healthier and stronger version of you. PERSONAL TRAINER includes 12 workouts that will help.

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Personal Trainer - Stephanie Oram
  • Personal Trainer Strength Cardio

    Episode 1

    We build cardiovascular strength in this workout in order to keep the heart guessing through power movements that burn fat and strengthen the heart.

  • Personal Trainer Endurance Cardio

    Episode 2

    Build cardiovascular endurance by strengthening the heart in this fat burning, longer exercise duration, sweat-inducing workout.

  • Personal Trainer Strength I

    Episode 3

    With lower reps and medium to heavier weights, we target the legs, chest, triceps and abs while building strength and power in each part of this workout.

  • Personal Trainer Fat Shred Cardio

    Episode 4

    High intensity movements are used to get that heart rate up to get some serious calorie burn on in this workout.

  • Personal Trainer Endurance Back & Biceps

    Episode 5

    We focus on the entire back and the biceps with high reps, lighter weights in this muscle endurance building workout.

  • Personal Trainer Strength II

    Episode 6

    We build strong muscles while focusing on the abs, legs, shoulders and back in this great strength workout.

  • Personal Trainer Fat Shred Lower Body

    Episode 7

    Although we hit other body parts, everything below the waist is the main focus in this workout. We utilize higher reps and heavier weights to really burn the muscles out and shred the fat.

  • Personal Trainer Fat Shred Upper Body II

    Episode 8

    We target the chest, back, and arms in this workout, but some lower body and abs are thrown in as well. The reps are higher and the weight is heavier in this fat blasting workout.

  • Personal Trainer Fat Shred Upper Body I

    Episode 9

    The major focus here is everything above the waist, but we don’t neglect the lower body in this fat burning workout. We focus on more reps with heavier weights to get the muscles burning.

  • Personal Trainer Endurance Chest & Shoulder

    Episode 10

    The target is building stamina in the chest, shoulders and abdominal wall in the workout. The benefit is sculpting all those muscles!

  • Personal Trainer Endurance Legs Triceps & Core

    Episode 11

    With high reps in the legs and triceps, while also targeting the core, you will get lean muscles in no time.

  • Personal Trainer Strength III

    Episode 12

    The attention is given to the biceps, back, chest, legs and abs while building serious muscle strength in this workout.

  • PERSONAL TRAINER 90 Day Calendar

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    Print the Personal Trainer 90 day calendar and follow along. Get in amazon shape working out with your own personal trainer, Stephanie Oram.

  • XTFMAX Personal Trainer Nutrition Guide.pdf

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