Lauren Rosella Workouts

Lauren Rosella Workouts

9 Episodes

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Lauren Rosella Workouts
  • Power Pilates

    Episode 1

    This 40 minute workout will challenge every one of your core muscles. Tone and tighten your thighs, glutes, abs and back in this amazing Pilates workout.

  • Lauren Rosella - Barre Booty Blast

    Episode 2

    This 30 minute workout is just what you need for a killer leg and glute workout. Using basic ballet poses, Pilates fundamentals, and rhythmic movement, Lauren will guide you through an express version of her Barre Pilates video.

  • Lauren Rosella - 10 Minute Core

    Episode 3

    Only have 10 minutes to tighten your core? This flowing plank series will give you the intensity you need if you're limited on time.

  • Lauren Rosella - Cardio Circuit

    Episode 4

    Join Lauren for this total body 30-minute cardio circuit that can be done anywhere. No equipment needed for this high intensity workout!

  • Lauren Rosella Pilates Foundations

    Episode 5

    In this 10 minute video, you will learn the ABC’s of Pilates Foundations: Alignment, Breathing, and Core Activation. These three principles will ensure you get the most out of your Pilates practice.

  • Lauren Rosella - Power Pilates Express

    Episode 6

    Work the entire core muscles in this short, but effective workout.

  • Lauren Rosella - Upper Body Barre

    Episode 7

    In this 30 minute video, Lauren will guide you through an upper body focused barre workout designed to sculpt and tone. Light hand weights recommended.

  • Lauren Rosella - Barre Pilates Class

    Episode 8

    This is a barre Pilates class including warm up, weights, ballet style barre moves, Pilates inspired floor work, and of course finishing up with a nice gentle stretch.

  • Lauren Rosella - Barre Abs

    Episode 9

    Lauren takes you through a series of exercises that won't only challenge your abs but will also hit your core. Build a stronger and more toned abdominal wall in this great workout.