June 2021 Challenge

June 2021 Challenge

26 Episodes

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June 2021 Challenge
  • Shred Lower Body Super Set

    Episode 1

    This workout may be short, but it challenges the lower body. Whether you do this as an add on to a lower body workout or as a stand alone, you will tone and tighten everything below the waist.

  • Shred Total Body Strength

    Episode 2

    No muscle gets neglected here. Build strength and muscle stamina from head to toe in this strength and muscle building workout. Karen takes you through a series of exercises to build those lean muscles to give you the body you want. Grab your dumbbells or resistance band and get ready to tone t...

  • Shred Lower Body

    Episode 3

    Tone and tighten the legs in this great strength workout that will challenge the quads, hamstrings, glutes, thighs and calves.

  • RIPT90 Chest Shredder

    Episode 4

    The series of lifts included in this workout really builds mass in the upper body and delivers the strong muscular chest you are looking for.

  • Personal Trainer Fat Shred Upper Body II

    Episode 5

    We target the chest, back, and arms in this workout, but some lower body and abs are thrown in as well. The reps are higher and the weight is heavier in this fat blasting workout.


    Episode 6

    Tone and tighten the abs with the exercises using the ShapeU Resistance Bands in this short but challenging workout.
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  • RIPT90 Shoulder Pressure

    Episode 7

    The deltoids are our focus here. What good is a gun show if we don’t have the finishing touch of sculpted shoulders?

  • RIPT90 FIT Stretch

    Episode 8

    Take an active rest and reward the body for all its hard work by lengthening the muscles to work out the kinks.

  • Intervalo Total Body

    Episode 9

    Build strength and lean muscle in this total body workout designed to tone and tighten every inch of the body.

  • Intervalo - Circuito de Cardio Y Fuerza

    Episode 10

    Este entrenamiento es exactamente lo que dice el título: algunos ejercicios de cardio para ayudar con su
    entrenamiento cardiovascular y algunos ejercicios
    de fuerza para ganar masa muscular

  • Intervalo - Condicionamiento de Cuerpo Completo

    Episode 11

    Este ejercicio entrena el cuerpo de la cabeza a los pies. No se deja ningún músculo intacto mientras tonificamos y apretamos todo el cuerpo al igual que quemamos grasa con algunos ejercicios cardiovasculares.

  • XTRAINFIT.TV Arm and Neck Stretch

    Episode 12

    Keeping the muscles lose and lengthen is keep to helping to prevent injury and aid in muscle recovery.This workout targets the upper body and is an excellent compliment to the Hip and Hamstring Stretch workout.

    Can you complete this workout once... twice... three times in row?

  • Define and Align - Cardio Strength

    Episode 13

  • Define and Align - Lower Body Strength

    Episode 14

    Build strength and lean muscle in this great lower body workout that will tone and tighten your glutes, quads, hips, thighs and calves.

  • Define and Align - Functional Cardio Blast

    Episode 15

    You will burn serious calories in this no equipment needed 30 minute cardio workout!


    Episode 16

    With the added resistance of the ShapeU Loop Band, you will firm up those glutes, tone the quadriceps, and build stronger hamstrings while also working the inner and outer thighs with your ShapeU Loop Bands.
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  • Lauren Rosella - 10 Minute Core

    Episode 17

    Only have 10 minutes to tighten your core? This flowing plank series will give you the intensity you need if you're limited on time.

  • Erica Vetra - 10 Minute Core Burner

    Episode 18

  • XTRAINFIT.TV Above The Waist Toning

    Episode 19

    This workout is specifically designed to strengthen and tone the biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back and abs with exercises for each body part.

    Can you complete this workout once... twice... three times in row?

  • Erica Vetra - Hands Free Flow Part 2

    Episode 20

  • Lauren Rosella - Barre Abs

    Episode 21

    Lauren takes you through a series of exercises that won't only challenge your abs but will also hit your core. Build a stronger and more toned abdominal wall in this great workout.

  • Personal Trainer Strength III

    Episode 22

    The attention is given to the biceps, back, chest, legs and abs while building serious muscle strength in this workout.

  • Thursday Thirty

    Episode 23

    On Social Media, Stephanie posts new exercises each day of the week. Thursday's exercises are coined "Thursday Thirty" and can be found using #ThursdayThirty
    This workout is 30 reps of each exercise and the workout consists of cardio and toning exercises. The workout is designed to burn fat a...

  • One on One Abs

    Episode 24

    Whittle that waist with various crunches, planks, and more while alternating between different fat burning moves.