6 Episodes

Most of the workouts are a combination of cardio and toning exercises that challenge the body while getting the heart rate elevated. The interval or HIIT approach is why we call this killer program Intervalo.

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  • Intervalo Cardio

    Episode 1

    Zoe takes you through a series of fat burning exercises that get the heart rate elevated to challenge the body from head to toe.

  • Intervalo Cardio and Strength Circuit Training

    Episode 2

    Really challenge the muscles in the entire body in the strength movements while getting the heart rate elevated in this great circuit workout.

  • Intervalo Total Body Strength Conditioning

    Episode 3

    Jump, squat, lunch, crunch and so much more in this circuit workout that scorches calories while building strength from head to toe.

  • Intervalo Total Body

    Episode 4

    Build strength and lean muscle in this total body workout designed to tone and tighten every inch of the body.

  • Intervalo Ejercicio Cardiovascular

    Episode 5

    Este entrenamiento que induce sudor mientras eleva la frecuencia cardíaca y te ayuda a obtener una fortaleza cardiovascular seria. Quemarás calorías mientras ganas resistencia en este gran entrenamiento.

  • Intervalo Cardio Circuit

    Episode 6

    Sculpt the core, with special focus on the abs and legs while blasting fat in this HIIT workout designed to burn calories.