Erica Vetra Workouts

Erica Vetra Workouts

9 Episodes

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Erica Vetra Workouts
  • Erica Vetra - 360 Degree Stretch

    Episode 1

    This well rounded flow will open and revitalize the whole body. By stretching and breathing in all directions, we will target all the major areas of tension from head to toe, making this class the perfect way to begin or end your day.

  • Erica Vetra - Fresh Flatiron Flow

    Episode 2

    This 60 minute flow is dedicated to opening the hips and activating the core. We will practice core engagement through specific exercises, applying it in our crow pose practice, as well as expand our breath and awareness through Warrior 2 and Half Moon.

  • Erica Vetra - Power Hour

    Episode 3

    Enjoy this lengthening and strengthening practice. We will free tension from the hamstrings and open the spine through twisting, back bends, and standing balance. A relaxing savasana awaits at the end!

  • Erica Vetra - Mediterranean Sun Dance

    Episode 4

    Cut right to the chase in this 40-minute class filmed in Voula, Greece. In this faster paced flow we will transition through Chair Pose, Crow Pose, and standing balance practice to increase focus and joyful awareness. We will also work with binding to open the shoulders and heart space.

  • Erica Vetra - For The Love of Hips

    Episode 5

    This 60 minute vinyasa class filmed in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is a fun flow with lots of variety that will challenge you and build that sweet heat to open those muscles. We will work with lunges, twists, deep hip opening and upper body strength to leave you glistening and empowered.

  • Erica Vetra - Hands Free Flow

    Episode 6

    If you have bad wrists or hands but still want a great yoga workout, then this 45 minute flow is just for you!

  • Erica Vetra - 10 Minute Core Burner

    Episode 7

  • Erica Vetra - Hands Free Flow Part 2

    Episode 8

  • Erica Vetra - Kickboxing Burner Cardio Circuit

    Episode 9