Carrie Kearney Yoga

Carrie Kearney Yoga

7 Episodes


If you are looking for a set that offers a range of yoga workouts for various ability levels, then this is the program for you! Whether you are new to the practice, or a yoga veteran, you will be sure to enhance your practice and challenge yourself in the meantime.

Enjoy the combination of lower body strengthening, flow and power flow yoga workouts along with guided meditation with Carrie Kearney in X-TrainFit At Home Yoga. These three different workouts show multiple levels that allow you to progress for more intense workouts as you get stronger. This set will help you gain strength while building long and lean muscle mass! So, pull up your mat, slip into your comfortable clothes and pop in any of these workouts or guided meditation to explore your mind, body and spirit.

Carrie Kearney Yoga
  • Yoga Power Flow

    Episode 1

    Build upon the flow workout by moving through the poses quicker in this power yoga workout.

  • Yoga Flow

    Episode 2

    Enhance your foundation and alignment while focusing on bringing your breath and body into balance.

  • Meditation

    Episode 3

    Train your mind to relax deeply and completely while bringing your entire system into sync with your breath. Gain inner harmony and clarity.

  • Yoga Core

    Episode 4

    More Pilates than yoga, this workout will challenge the entire core by building strength in your entire trunk section.

  • Upper Body Strength Yoga

    Episode 5

    This workout will lengthen, strengthen, tone and tighten the entire body, with more focus on the upper body.

  • Yoga Total Body

    Episode 6

    Carrie takes you through a series of poses in this total body yoga flow workout.

  • Yoga Lower Body Strength

    Episode 7

    Target the trouble areas of the lower body with the various poses in this workout.