April 2021 Challenge

April 2021 Challenge

27 Episodes

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April 2021 Challenge
  • RIPT90 FIT Abs & Legs

    Episode 1

    Get in the best shape of your life with RIPT90 FIT and professional trainer Jody Hendrix.
    This workout is a combination of abdominal exercises to scorch the core while also hitting a few lower body moves to build strength in the legs. Also included is a super set to burn out the legs and get th...

  • RIPT90 FIT Arms & Shoulders

    Episode 2

    Get in the best shape of your life with RIPT90 FIT and professional trainer Jody Hendrix.
    Working on all parts of the arm to really build definition in the bicep, triceps and shoulders and a couple exercises for a super set to really burn those arms out. This workout focuses on building strengt...

  • RIPT90 Dead Lift Killer

    Episode 3

    While your upper body definitely benefits form this workout, the focus of Dead Lift Killer is the hamstrings and glutes.

  • RIPT90 Metabolic Mania

    Episode 4

    This is a fat shredding workout that works the entire body with cardiovascular movements along with strength segments.

  • RIPT90 Minute by Minute

    Episode 5

    We give you 60 seconds to complete a circuit and we do this for 20 total minutes. Sounds easy, but just wait.
    A great benchmarking workout.

  • XTRAINFIT.TV Stability Ball Toning

    Episode 6

    Tone and tighten the chest, back, triceps, glutes, quads, abs and hamstrings in this stability wall workout that also challenges every muscle of the core.

    Can you complete this workout once... twice... three times in row?


    Episode 7

    Sculpting a stronger and leaner abdominal wall while challenging your core with the ShapeU Loop Bands.
    Gain access to hundreds of more workouts by subscribing to xtrainfit.tv or download the XTRAINFIT app at any of the following app stores: Apple Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Fire TV Apps, Roku.


    Episode 8

    Toning and tightening muscles throughout the body in just a short period of time using the ShapeU Loop Bands.

  • Erica Vetra - 10 Minute Core Burner

    Episode 9

  • One on One Chest and Back - Stephanie Oram

    Episode 10

    Focus on all parts of your back and chest to build lean muscle and strength in those major muscles. A short cardio recovery between each lift gets the heart pumping.

  • Erica Vetra - 360 Degree Stretch

    Episode 11

    This well rounded flow will open and revitalize the whole body. By stretching and breathing in all directions, we will target all the major areas of tension from head to toe, making this class the perfect way to begin or end your day.

  • Erica Vetra - Fresh Flatiron Flow

    Episode 12

    This 60 minute flow is dedicated to opening the hips and activating the core. We will practice core engagement through specific exercises, applying it in our crow pose practice, as well as expand our breath and awareness through Warrior 2 and Half Moon.

  • Erica Vetra - Power Hour

    Episode 13

    Enjoy this lengthening and strengthening practice. We will free tension from the hamstrings and open the spine through twisting, back bends, and standing balance. A relaxing savasana awaits at the end!

  • XTRAINFIT.TV Toned Leg Calorie Burn

    Episode 14

    Burn fat, and sculpt your booty, quads, calves and hamstrings in this cardio and toning workout.

    Can you complete this workout once... twice... three times in row?

  • Intervalo - Tonificacion de Cuerpo Entero

    Episode 15

    Estamos trabajando en la definición de la maza muscular y la fuerza en los brazos, las piernas y el abdomen en este entrenamiento. Prepárate para construir músculo magro y desafiar a todo el cuerpo con los ejercicios de este programa.

  • Intervalo Cardio and Strength Circuit Training

    Episode 16

    Really challenge the muscles in the entire body in the strength movements while getting the heart rate elevated in this great circuit workout.

  • Lauren Rosella - Power Pilates Express

    Episode 17

    Work the entire core muscles in this short, but effective workout.

  • Personal Trainer Endurance Cardio

    Episode 18

    Build cardiovascular endurance by strengthening the heart in this fat burning, longer exercise duration, sweat-inducing workout.

  • Personal Trainer Fat Shred Lower Body

    Episode 19

    Although we hit other body parts, everything below the waist is the main focus in this workout. We utilize higher reps and heavier weights to really burn the muscles out and shred the fat.

  • XTFMAX Stretch

    Episode 20

    XTFMAX delivers a series of an intense workouts designed to shed fat, tone muscle and maintain a healthy body. Work alongside Professional Trainer Stephanie Oram and get in the best shape of your life!
    This gentle workout lengthens every muscle from head to toe. Relax into every pose to relieve ...

  • Total Body Fat Blaster

    Episode 21

    If you love a good circuit workout because it gets the heart rate elevated, burns some serious fat, while also tightening muscles, then this workout is for you. The workout goes so fast too! Let’s burn some calories and tighten the entire body in just 9 minutes.

  • Circuit Burnout 90 Abs and Assets

    Episode 22

    Part of the Circuit Burnout 90 workout program by Dr. Monique St. Pierre.
    This workout targets the abdominals and glutes. Build strength and tighten the two spots a majority of the people find to be their trouble zones in this great toning workout. Lunge, crunch, plank and more your way to get...

  • Circuit Burnout 30 Lower Body Super Set

    Episode 23

    Effective use of movements that will burn fat while toning everything from the belly button up in a short amount of time. This is a great finisher to the Lower Body workout.

  • Circuit Burnout 30 Lower Body

    Episode 24

    You will burn serious calories and tone muscle in this workout. Lunge, kick, squat and more to get the lower body you have been wanting.