AbSolute Abs

AbSolute Abs

3 Episodes

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AbSolute Abs
  • Kettlebell ABSolute ABS

    Episode 1

    If you want to challenge yourself, increase your kettlebell weight and build a strong and defined core, then this 20 minute workout is for you.

  • Swing & ABSolute ABS

    Episode 2

    You will get a 20 minute workout by training your various swings and going directly into an ab exercise.
    This workout will challenge you and focus on your core as the kettlebell swing engages the core throughout!
    You only need one kettlebell or dumbbell.

  • ABSolute ABS-No Kettlebell

    Episode 3

    In this challenging ab workout, we start with a warm up and move into sculpting that abdominal wall and finish with a cool down. You do not need a kettlebell for this workout.